1 to 1 Coaching with Jesper Bram


Want personal help to keep your creative focus, master your weaknesses, and break through your artistic barriers?

Training videos and a community of like minded people are great. It’s an awesome way to gain some knowledge and get inspired. After all how many Lowbrow Art geeks do we meet in the grocery store checkout line?

Over the years I’ve found out that I work best when I have a coach or a teammate(s) to motivate me and keep me accountable. And when I’ve had that, it’s been an absolute awesome experience. Didn’t matter if it was running, boxing, crossfit, or playing Squash, I had a ton fun and got quick results. (Not that any of it shows right now, but luckily drawing skills doesn’t dwindle away as fast as your fitness. :-))

Are you like many of us and prefer that extra level of guidance and accountability a personal coach offers, then I would love to help you.

Exactly what we do and how we do it, will depend on your specific goals and skill levels. But here’s a few examples of what I can help you with.

  • Define and set your creative goal and help you achieve it
  • Help you plan out and finish a creative masterpiece that will make you stand out
  • Keep you accountable in your drawing/painting practice
  • Help you establish a drawing habit that fits in your daily life
  • Keep you motivated
  • Finding the right stuff to practice and how, to make sure you achieve what you want
  • Help you master freelancing and commission jobs
  • Help you to create, produce and sell your own merchandise products
  • Help you get your art featured in exhibits and magazines
  • Improve your painting and/or drawing skills
  • Help you promote and sell your art
    ...and I could go on.

The idea is that you get personal help to define, and achieve your creative dreams. We take your vision and make it in to a scheduled plan. So that it’s not just a fantasy and wishful thinking. Turn that wishbone in to a backbone...and kick some creative ass.

Here’s how it works.

Everybody have different needs. So the first thing we do is an Artist Roadmap Session.

In the Artist Roadmap Session you get to dream big and layout you most desirable creative dreams with no regards to stuff like where you are now or what can and can’t be done.

Once we have defined what it really is that you want with your art and why. Then we break it down in to as many small and actionable steps as needed. Having small actions you can take one at the time is the number one remedy for overwhelm and procrastination.

When we know what steps you need to take, then we put your actions in a schedule that fits your daily life and the level of commitment you can put in.

You get 6.5 hours of personal coaching time you can use whenever you need it. No expiration date. If your daily life allows it, you can power through and achieve your goal in a couple of months. Or you can take it easy and spend a year (or more).

That’s all up to you and the scope of your goal. First thing is always the Artist Roadmap Session of 1.5 hours.

Then after that you have 5 hours you can use when you need it. We can schedule our next call after each session, or you can just let me know when you need it.

The key is that when you proceed on your personal roadmap and you need help on something specific, advice, motivation, a kick in the butt or what not. Then we just schedule a call.

Artist Personal Coaching Package Investment: $996

Who is this for?

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at. That we will work on. What matters is that you are hungry for more in your creative life. You don’t even need to know exactly what it is you want either. I’ll help you unpack that. If you want the quick visible results personal training gives and you are ready to invest in yourself to get it. Then let’s go.

Who is this not for?

Personal training is a luxury. It’s super awesome. My own favorite way of developing. But please don’t rob a bank or starve your kids to get this. If you can afford it and are ready to do the work, then it’s the fastest way to progress. But with the right amount of discipline and attention you can totally become the artist you want on your own as well.

Give more back than you get

At the recent Lowbrow Bash in Denmark we were talking about life as an artist and the projects we create. During the conversation Vizman a super cool artist from UK, who was there as a guest teacher, said something that really got to me. “Jesper Bram always gives more back than he gets, so I’ll support him in whatever it is he is doing”. Of course I’m very honoured and grateful that’s what he thinks of me. But I also thought to myself that’s a pretty cool code or goal to live by. “Always give more back than you get”.

My goal is to get YOU out on the other side totally stoked about your accomplishments and feeling changed as an artist. You will do the work, but I will be there to hold your nose to the grindstone and help you define and achieve your goals. I’m looking so much forward to get started. We will make it epic...

To make sure I can help you, I would like to have a short chat with you before I take you on. So if you are interested, please start by emailing me at bram@lowbrowacademy.com

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