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NEW! For a limited time my Done for you Drawing Habit System is available to you for free.

This is the system that have led to more than 8.000 drawings posted on instagram by people who follow the system. (Known as the #5minfink)

People all over the world have experienced mind blowing change just by following this 2-5 minute daily drawing habit.

No matter what type of drawing you like to do, you can use this system.

Following the system with your family makes it even more fun.

I'm making it available for free, because I think everyone deserves to experience the happiness, the confidence, relaxation, and great skills it leads to.

It is my goal to help 10,000 people start a drawing habit of their own.

People who have an outlet for their creativity are happier than those who don’t. Happiness is contagious. Happy people creates more happy people around them.

Maybe this is my contribution to “make the world a better place, by making better things”. (Seth Godin)

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Done for you Drawing Habit System

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